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BB Schedule and Main FAQ


June 1st - Sign Ups Open
June 18th - Author Sign Ups Close
September 15th - Artist/Mixer Sign Ups close + Fic Rough Drafts Due
September 17th - Artist/Mixer Claims Open
October 15th - Art/Mix Rough Drafts Due
October 20th - Big Bang Posting Begins!
November 20th - End of Big Bang Posting, thanks for playing!

What is a big bang challenge?
A big bang challenge is a collaborative effort in which authors sign up to write a 10,000~20,000 word fic, and where artists and mixers sign up to create art and mixes for those stories. They are generally fandom-oriented, though they may sometimes also include original fiction as well. This big bang challenge is, as you might expect, fandom-oriented.

How do I sign up?
There will be a post when sign-ups open. You will fill out a quick form in the comments of the post and then you can get to work!

What are the requirements for a fic?
A fic must be at least 15,000 words and beta read before posting. The rough draft must be completed within the three-and-a-half month writing period given from when sign ups close to when rough drafts are due. A fic may not be a work in progress; it must be complete and stand alone. You are, of course, welcome to write more than the minimum. Write on!

What are the requirements for art?
Each artist is required to create at least one piece of art for the fic they're paired with. Arists are welcome to draw fic illustrations, design banners, iconsets, covers, etc. Fanvids are also welcome! Each piece of art must be complete (no rough sketches!). If you have any question as to whether or not your art qualifies, feel free to contact the mods, and we will let you know. Chances are, the answer is yes!

What are the requirements for mixes?
Mixes must be at least 6 songs. You may also create front/back art for a CD case if you like, but it's not required.

Community Membership
Can I join the community?
Yes. All authors, artists, and fan mixers should join the community once they have signed up (otherwise, you will be unable to post your piece during the posting period!). Once author rough drafts have been submitted, no further membership requests will be permitted. All posts after this point will be members-only posts made to authors, artists, and fan mixers.

Everyone else is more than welcome to watch the community!

Why was my membership rejected?
Once author rough drafts are due anyone who is not an artist, author, or fan mixer will not be allowed to join for the remainder of the challenge. Membership will reopen at the beginning of the next round.

I'm not a member of LiveJournal. Can I still participate?
Yes! For members not part of LiveJournal (i.e. FF.N, DW, or using OpenID), you can still sign-up and participate, but you won't be able to post anywhere in the community due to member locked posts. Please join LJ so you can participate in any future discussion posts, even if it will only be temporary! If you'd prefer not to use your LJ outside of the Big Bang, that's fine, we only ask so you have a fair access like other LJ participants.
You are NOT exempt from having to follow the Big Bang rules however, especially following the posting/hosting rules. If you've signed up and later join LJ, please send us an email from the address you provided with the subject: Anon Sign-Up: Joined LJ and your submitted username and we'll adjust your membership accordingly. If you don't mind not having member access, please state so in the comment portion of the sign-up. We currently have a FF.N account and are working on acquiring a DW.

If you'd like to watch for the public posts, simply subscribe to the feeds: Atom or RSS
If you're a member and would also like to subscribe to the feeds (w/locked entries included): Atom or RSS

What pairings/genres do you accept at httyd_bigbang ?
All of them! As long as it features characters or actors from the How to Train Your Dragon series of books or movie, it's welcome. AUs are fine, too, so don't be afraid to take your favorite characters and throw them into a whole new situation.

Are crossovers allowed?
As long as your fic prominently features characters from How to Train Your Dragon, it's welcome! Crossover to your heart's delight!

Can I write with a co-author?
Yes. Each author will need to write 10,000 words each, for a total of 20,000.

Can I sign up to write more than one fic?
Yes, if you are sure you can complete both within the deadline. Remember that failure to complete your fic disqualifies you from this round.

Can I write original characters?
This is a tricky business. While we have no issue with the occasional original character showing up in your fic, the canon characters from the books or movie should be the primary focus. When in doubt, ask! We'll be more than happy to take a look and let you know.

Help! I don't have a beta! How do I find one?
Fear not! We will put a post up asking for people willing to beta. You can then look through the comments and find someone who fits your beta needs. If you still have trouble finding one, feel free to contact us at [at] gmail [dot] com, and we will help you out.

Rough Drafts
How completed do the fics need to be for the rough draft due date?
The fics do not need to be perfectly polished and ready to be posted on the rough draft due date, as long as they've met the 15,000 word minimum. They do need to be ready to go to beta and have a clear beginning, middle, and end. It's okay if your fic needs edits and you add/delete scenes in the month between the rough draft due date and the day posting begins; we expect they won't be perfect yet! We just need to be reasonably sure that you are going to be able to post on your assigned date.

What will I need to send in?
Authors will need to attach a document to their email with the rough draft of their fic. As long as we're able to open the document, the format doesn't matter. Suggested formats: .txt, .rtf, .doc, .odt

Artists will need to attach or link to an art piece that's finished enough to be posted with the fic if something happens between rough draft turn in date and their author's posting date.

Fan Mixers will need to specify where they plan to host their mix, status of their mix, attach or link to art where applicable, and provide a track listing.

How will I know if you've received my rough draft?
We will confirm it by email within a few days. If you don't hear from us after three days, please feel free to send us an email.

What if there's a problem with my submission?
We will let you know if there's an issue and give you time to correct it. We will not be chasing you down to do so. (This is one of the main reasons it's important to give us a valid email address that you check regularly when you sign up.) It is your responsibility to take care of the issue and ensure your participation in the challenge.

How are fics assigned to artists and mixers?
When artist/mixer claims open up, the mods will put up a list of summaries with pairings and preferences that the authors provide when they submit their rough draft. The list of summaries do not have an author's name attached to ensure a fair claiming process. Claims are done on a first come, first serve basis, so be sure to come early if there's a specific fic that catches your eye.

How do I submit a claim?
The claiming posts will go up on the specified day at a time convenient to the majority of members. We will use a poll to determine the time. There will be a post with the anonymous summaries listed on the main community. In a screened comment, you will give us your email and the top 3 stories you would like to create an art/fanmix for. Keep in mind that you might not get your first choice.

How long will claims take?
3 to 5 days. We will make an flocked post to the comm with match-ups. After claims close, we will email you with your assignment. You are strongly encouraged to stay in contact with your author during this time; you will be each other's biggest cheerleaders until posting day!

Can I be both an author and an artist/mixer?
Yes, but you cannot claim your own fic for art/mixes.

If I'm an author, how do I ensure that I get the kind of art/music I like for my fic?
We don't mind including a list of preferences along with a summary (many artists find it helpful, in fact!), but please realize that you may not get exactly what you want. Our artists and mixers will of course do their best, and in turn we expect you to be gracious to them for the work they do.

How much wiggle room do we have on deadlines?
None. Due dates are set in stone. You are, however, welcome to send in your rough drafts early!

If I miss a deadline or I can't complete my fic/art/mix on time, what happens?
If you're an author and you miss the rough draft deadline, then you're disqualified for this round of big bang. If you have made the rough draft deadline, but for some reason you won't have your fic ready to go by your assigned posting date, you'll need to contact us and let us know what's going on. We will do our best to accommodate, but remember, your artist and mixer are depending on you. You should be ready to post on the due date.

Artists and mixers also have a rough draft due date. If you can't complete the art or mix for the fic you claimed, you'll need to let us know ASAP so we can get a replacement. If you flake out as an artist or mixer, you will not be allowed to sign up for next year's big bang. So, don't do it! Your author is depending on you.

Where do I post my fic?
You may post your fic wherever you want: LJ, Dreamwidth, a personal site, etc. We ask that you post a master post to the community with links to all parts of your fic, your art, and your mix. A template for the master post will be provided.

Where can I upload my mix/graphics?
There are several free resources, such as Megaupload, Sendspace, or Mediafire, that can be used for large files. ImageShack, Photobucket, or even LiveJournal's Scrapbook for paid users can be used to host images. If you have your own webspace, we encourage you to use it!

When do I post my fic/art/mix?
There is a month long posting period. Everyone will be assigned a posting date within this time period. The number of posts per day will vary, depending on the number of fics submitted. The fic, the art, and the mix must be posted in their entirety on the assigned posting date (you will be notified of this date at least two weeks in advance.). Artists, Authors, and Mixers will want to coordinate their posting efforts according to the day assigned.

No one is to post their big bang fic/art/mix prior to the assigned posting day. If we discover you have done so, you will be disqualified and your master post deleted.

If you still have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave a comment or contact us via email:

Your mods will get back to you as soon as we can.
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