HTTYD Big Bang Mod (httydbb_mod) wrote in httyd_bigbang,
HTTYD Big Bang Mod

my sister asked me to do this weeks ago but i forgot. i found the note again today so i decided to do it. my sister, who i guess is the one who runs this, was in a car accident on the 8th but it was minor and she only had a light concussion. then she was in another on the 11th that left her comatose for a few hours and with two sprained wrists, a really bad concussion, and a fractured shoulder blade (scapu-something). she wanted me to type this out to you all: i hope you all hate me because i hate me right now. the sucky thing is she wasn't driving for EITHER accident. so please send lots of prayers for her. she's been home for a few days now but is catching up on midterms. sprained wrists are bad for sign language interpreters. who knew?

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