HTTYD Big Bang Mod (httydbb_mod) wrote in httyd_bigbang,
HTTYD Big Bang Mod

Beta Call

We need your expertise!
Some of authors are still looking for someone to proof their stories!
If you'd like to volunteer your services, leave a comment with what you'd be willing to beta.
Authors, it's your responsibility to contact and discuss with betas. We just facilitate the meet.
We do suggest that betas not take on more than 2 stories at once, big bang or otherwise.
Please do not post emails to the comments as this is a public post.
Conversing by PM is encouraged.

Good luck and happy writing/proofing, everyone!

~The Mods

Tags: !authors, !betas, !sign-ups
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I'd be willing to give it a shot. I'll beta pretty much anything but slash and human!Toothless. Explicit stuff is okay too if that's what you write :)
Well, I need a beta. slash, nothing explicit. And, well...yeah. :)
If you want to beta mine, I can give you more info on it and stuff. :)
Sure, just send me a PM and we'll figure the details out :)
Hey, I tried to reply to your message but LiveJournal says that you have something set so you can't recieve messages?
Really? Thats weird...
Umm...I'm new to this livejournal thing so I'm clueless. I'll try and send another PM, figure out what I'm doing wrong :)
Darn it didn't work again. It lets me get your messages but it won't let me send you a message. Well I can just reply here I guess. So what I've found works the best with the other people I've betaed for is they send me their story chapters in documents through e-mail and I look them over there. Would that work for you?
Okay I got your latest message. My e-mail address should be on my profile page so if you send me the file I can get to work on it :)
I'll volunteer to beta. No slash or toothcup, please. Any rating.
I'm willing to beta essentially anything, just so long as I get my "passionate need to correct grammar" feeling calmed.
Would you be willing to beta my fic?
Most likely, haha. :) Just e-mail it to me at