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So It Begins

Hey there, Dragon Trainers!

Artists & Mixers! Time to get excited! Tomorrow the sign-ups close and we'll begin the tallying. The claims open up on Friday for you to start working! Yay! Dance times! :) Make sure you sign-up with the correct forms on the Artist/Mixer post and request/accept membership. By Friday, everyone requested and invited should be able to see the members only posts.

Authors! Drafts are due tomorrow for the Artist/Mixer claims! If you haven't gotten them betaed yet, now's the time to get them done. If for some reason, you need to drop out of the Big Bang, drop us a PM or an email. We're currently discussing the possibilities of late entries and what they will entail. Until then, hope everyone had a good time writing!

For those who wish to volunteer as Betas, leave a comment with an email you'd like someone to send you their story to in the Beta post. It will be public until next Friday, so authors, you should get on that. Betas, we suggest not taking on more than two stories at a time, Big Bang or otherwise.

If anyone has concerns about the new privacy issues here on LJ, we do have a DW account. It's currently inactive, but if enough members show concern we'll think of trying to get it set up in time for the postings. We'll put up a poll in the next week or so for both that and story progress.

Until tomorrow!

~ The Admins
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