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31 October 2010 @ 03:09 pm
my sister asked me to do this weeks ago but i forgot. i found the note again today so i decided to do it. my sister, who i guess is the one who runs this, was in a car accident on the 8th but it was minor and she only had a light concussion. then she was in another on the 11th that left her comatose for a few hours and with two sprained wrists, a really bad concussion, and a fractured shoulder blade (scapu-something). she wanted me to type this out to you all: i hope you all hate me because i hate me right now. the sucky thing is she wasn't driving for EITHER accident. so please send lots of prayers for her. she's been home for a few days now but is catching up on midterms. sprained wrists are bad for sign language interpreters. who knew?

03 October 2010 @ 11:08 pm
Extra 2 hours so the PST members can squeeze in (1AM EDT).
Still first come, first serve basis.
03 October 2010 @ 01:04 pm
Well, everyone. By popular demand, claims will be today, 9:00-11:00PM EDT. Yesterday's post of the results didn't go up for reasons I'm not sure of. In anycase, claims! Yay! Everyone be ready and keep an eye out on the community for any post until then. :) See you all tonight!
19 September 2010 @ 12:15 pm
We need your expertise!
Some of authors are still looking for someone to proof their stories!
If you'd like to volunteer your services, leave a comment with what you'd be willing to beta.
Authors, it's your responsibility to contact and discuss with betas. We just facilitate the meet.
We do suggest that betas not take on more than 2 stories at once, big bang or otherwise.
Please do not post emails to the comments as this is a public post.
Conversing by PM is encouraged.

Good luck and happy writing/proofing, everyone!

~The Mods

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19 September 2010 @ 01:31 am

We'll be getting back to everyone ASAP starting tomorrow.
The poll about claims times will also be posted tomorrow.

If you haven't already, we need your information for the claims post.
Please refer to the post below.

16 September 2010 @ 12:20 am
Deadline Extensions

Ohhhh yes, they happen. Today is no exception. Have no fear, everyone! We're extending the deadlines!
Drafts need to be in this Saturday by midnight. Artist/Mixer sign-ups close at the same time as drafts.
Claims will go up afterwards, which means that authors need to submit the following with/after their drafts:

And just to answer some FAQs about those:
Title: [This may well end up on your art, so please choose wisely!]
Author: [To help sort out who's submitted and who hasn't. If you go by an author name different from your LJ name or have changed your LJ name since you signed up, please list them all so we can find you in our contacts and check you off. This will also be the name that most likely ends up with your matching artwork.]
Series: [So your artist/mixer knows which canon they should be working with.]
Characters/Pairings: [Artists will need to know if they'll be able to do art for your fic.]
Warnings: [Artists need to know if they can handle whatever's in your fic to do art for it.]
Rating: [choose from G, PG, PG-13, M, R, NC-17] (To avoid confusion please use the MPAA rating system vs. the fanfiction rating system; FF.Net, Thrice, or otherwise.)
Current Word Count: [This should be close/exactly/over 15k WITHOUT any notes.]
Beta(s): [You're going to need one! Please see the beta post if you need help finding a beta.]
Summary: [Provide as much detail as you think you need to give your artist a good idea of what's going on in your story. Just don't be too wordy as once artists have claimed stories, you can send the artist your draft to read or the mods can send them to the artists for you.]
Complete: [To let your artists know how much more story needs to be told/filled in.]

When sending us your drafts, it will be easier if you put your username and "Rough Draft" in the email's subject line (sent to httyd.bb@gmail.com). Don't worry if you've already sent us your draft, you're still counted. After the deadline is passed, you should receieve a confirmation email from us. Don't freak out if it takes us a while, we're checking everyone's!
What are we looking for? That you have a.) 15,000 words (or close), b.) a beginning, middle, and end (or visibly near ending). Once we're finished checking, you'll receieve an email telling you you're good to go and we'll add you to the claims list!


Extended Deadlines
Rough Drafts Due Saturday, Sept. 18th by 12AM EST (timestamps will be noted)
          ~Accompanied summaries are due by Sunday, Sept. 19th at 12AM EST
Artist/Mixer Sign-Ups close Saturday, Sept. 18th at 12AM EST
Claims will be opened shortly after that. There will be a poll to ascertain comfortable times for everyone.

Artist/Mixer Sign-Ups
Please refer to the sign-up post and use the correct form when signing up. It makes the organizing and checking off a lot simpler. After you've signed up, request a membership to the community. If we don't receieve one by the time sign-ups close, we'll send you an invitation, so please keep an eye on your inbox afterwards.

An official volunteer post will be up in the next few days for those looking and willing to help.

Late Submissions
The posting schedule will remain the same. However, there are some who've asked about late submissions. We will be taking them, but they'll be posted after New Years and possibly with little to no art. Why so late? Because of the holiday rush and family get-togethers everyone will need a break from writing. We'll put the submission reminder up before the hols kick in and January will be the late submission posts to ring in 2011.

The discussion of dropouts came about when the horrible realization occurred to one of the mods that pen and paper are still better for writing (they don't get viruses). In brainstorming about doing a dropout post, late submissions were born. If for some reason you'd still rather dropout than do a late submission, please let us know either on the post below this one (comments are screened) or by PM and/or email (httyd.bb@gmail.com). Those of you who decide on this option or late submission will NOT be banned from next year's round.

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14 September 2010 @ 12:20 pm
Hey there, Dragon Trainers!

Artists & Mixers! Time to get excited! Tomorrow the sign-ups close and we'll begin the tallying. The claims open up on Friday for you to start working! Yay! Dance times! :) Make sure you sign-up with the correct forms on the Artist/Mixer post and request/accept membership. By Friday, everyone requested and invited should be able to see the members only posts.

Authors! Drafts are due tomorrow for the Artist/Mixer claims! If you haven't gotten them betaed yet, now's the time to get them done. If for some reason, you need to drop out of the Big Bang, drop us a PM or an email. We're currently discussing the possibilities of late entries and what they will entail. Until then, hope everyone had a good time writing!

For those who wish to volunteer as Betas, leave a comment with an email you'd like someone to send you their story to in the Beta post. It will be public until next Friday, so authors, you should get on that. Betas, we suggest not taking on more than two stories at a time, Big Bang or otherwise.

If anyone has concerns about the new privacy issues here on LJ, we do have a DW account. It's currently inactive, but if enough members show concern we'll think of trying to get it set up in time for the postings. We'll put up a poll in the next week or so for both that and story progress.

Until tomorrow!

~ The Admins
20 June 2010 @ 01:09 pm

We have 24 authors signed-up for httyd_bigbang's First Flight!
Below the cut is our list of those brave enough to accept the challenge!
Wish them all lots of plot bunnies, writing time, and strong harnesses!

2010 Big Bang AuthorsCollapse )
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19 June 2010 @ 12:02 am
As the subject says, author sign ups are now closed!

If you have not already, please remember to join the community! As of now, all further posts will be locked to members only, and we don't want you to miss out!

Artist and mixer sign ups will remain open until September 15th!

For those of you who didn't manage to sign up in time for this round, that's okay! Please join us for next year's sign ups!
13 June 2010 @ 04:56 pm
Good afternoon, everyone! We just wanted to give you a quick update on how sign ups are doing!

As of right now, we have 16 authors and 24 artists/mixers! We're pretty excited by this turnout, especially since this is only our first round.

As a reminder, author sign ups will close at 11:59PM EST (GMT -5) June 18th. If you are still interested in signing up as an author, or if you know someone who is, please be sure to fill out the sign up form before then!

If you still need a way to "pimp out" the community, our pimping post is right over here. Related: if you have a graphic you think would work for a pimping graphic, by all means, leave a comment about it on the pimping post!

Lastly, if you have signed up but have not yet requested access to the community, please do so now! We will be going into members-only lockdown on June 19th!

Happy writing, happy drawing, and happy mixing everyone! We can't wait to see what you all come up with!
01 June 2010 @ 12:00 am
Artists and mixers, please comment to this post to sign up for the 2010 Big Bang! You may use the following form to sign up:


Comments are screened so that authors' email addresses aren't out in the open. We'll post a list of artists who've signed up.

* You can sign up as an artist and mixer, or you can choose just one or the other.
* Art can be a vid, original illustration, manip, or cover art. You must create at least one piece for your claimed story. Art may be explicit, but we recommend that you okay that with your author first.
* Mixes must be at least 5 songs.
* Sign ups will close September 15th.
* Claims will open September 17th.
* A rough draft of your art and/or mix will be due by October 15th.
* Posting will begin by assignment October 20th.

For further information/rules, to see the complete schedule, or to ask questions/email the Mod Team, please see the FAQ! Please do not comment here with questions for the mods.

Happy drawing/mixing!

Current list of 2010 artists/mixersCollapse )

Don't forget to join after you sign-up!

01 June 2010 @ 12:00 am
Authors, please comment to this post to sign up for the 2010 Big Bang! You may use the following form to sign up:


Comments are screened so that authors' email addresses aren't out in the open. We'll post a list of authors who've signed up.

* Sign ups for authors remain open until June 18th, so remember to spread the word!
* All comments are screened for your privacy. We will begin sending confirmation emails soon!
* Stories must be complete (except for edits) by September 15th!
* All stories must be beta read before posting begins October 20th

For further information and if you have any questions, please have a look at our FAQ or feel free to contact one of the mods!

Happy writing!

Current list of 2010 authorsCollapse )

Author sign-ups are now CLOSED! Happy writing, everyone!

31 May 2010 @ 09:38 am

That's right, fellow Vikings! Big Bang sign-ups start tonight at 12AM EST! Have you picked your dragons yet?
Author sign-ups will close June 18th at 12AM PST. Artist/Mixer sign-ups will close Sept. 15th at 12AM PST.
Moderated membership will open tonight as well, but to be accepted you'll have to fill out the form in the comments of the sign-up entry. All the comments will be screened to protect all participants' emails.

For members not part of LiveJournal (i.e. FF.N, DW, or using OpenID): you can still sign-up using the anon option, but you won't be able to post anywhere on the comm due to member locking. Please join LJ so you can participate in any future discussion posts. If you'd prefer not to use your LJ outside of the comm, that's fine, we only ask so you have a fair access like other LJ participants. You are not exempt from having to follow the Big Bang rules, especially following the posting rules. If you've signed up and later join LJ, please send us an email from the address you provided (subject: Anon Sign-Up: Joined LJ) with your submitted username and we'll adjust your membership accordingly. If you don't mind not having member access, please state so in the comment portion of the sign-up.

Example Of The Sign-Up Form:
User Name: httydbb_mod
E-mail: httyd.bb@gmail.com
Author, Artist, or Mixer?: Mod
Comments: [you'll add here if you're not an LJ member]

Confirmation email for authors sign-ups will go out June 19th (after closing), if you do not receive one and/or your membership was not accepted/adjusted, please email us and let us know.

Membership will officially close outside of sign-ups on September 15th.
New members will not be added until next year after membership purging.

Comment if you have any questions.
25 May 2010 @ 06:44 pm
Only five days until sign ups open!

Are you excited? We are! Let's get this show on the road already! (Double check your flight gear and try not to fall off your dragon, oh no!)

Don't forget to check out the FAQ if you have any questions. We've also got a super shiny banner for you to pimp the challenge to all your friends! (Just copy and paste the text in the box and off you go!)

Have fun and fly safe!
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10 May 2010 @ 11:41 pm

June 1st - Sign Ups Open
June 18th - Author Sign Ups Close
September 15th - Artist/Mixer Sign Ups close + Fic Rough Drafts Due
September 17th - Artist/Mixer Claims Open
October 15th - Art/Mix Rough Drafts Due
October 20th - Big Bang Posting Begins!
November 20th - End of Big Bang Posting, thanks for playing!

GeneralCollapse )

RequirementsCollapse )

MembershipCollapse )

AuthorsCollapse )

Rough DraftsCollapse )

Claiming/MatchupsCollapse )

DeadlinesCollapse )

Posting/HostingCollapse )

If you still have any questions, please don't hesitate to leave a comment or contact us via email: httyd.bb@gmail.com

Your mods will get back to you as soon as we can.
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08 May 2010 @ 03:09 am
Welcome to the newly minted "How To Train Your Dragon" Big Bang Challenge!
We're currently putting our saddles and harnesses together, so please bear with us.
Membership is currently closed until all the rules, moderation, and deadlines are worked out.
Keep a look out at the following communities as well as here for when we're ready for our Test Flight:

And just to get you all stoked, this will be both movie and book-centric.
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